In partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario and OCAD University, and designed by Grace Mendez and Nikkie To, the Jar of Apricots Multisensory Model is an interpretive cross-sensory translation of Jean-Siméon Chardin’s Jar of Apricots, 1758. The majority of artworks on display in museums are visually-oriented, excluding individuals with sensory impairments, particularly those with visual impairments. This project is intended to engage visitors through multiple senses to enhance the experiences for both sensory impaired and able-bodied individuals. The cross-sensory model was developed in consultation with blind and low vision museum attendees who drew upon their lived experiences during co-design sessions. The final model included 3D tactile objects that correspond to visually perceived features of the visual artwork. Interacting with the 3D tactile objects activates aural cues that also correspond to the relevant objects within the painting such as wine glasses, loaves of bread, teacups, and a paper package. This work was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario and presented at the University of Toronto’s Multidisciplinary Creative Conference.
An article published by the Toronto Star in 2019 can be accessed by clicking here.
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