2016                       Contemporary Art: Looking Closely (online), Sotheby’s Institute of Art

2014                       Introduction to Digital Art Publishing, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON

2014                       Honours Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON



2016                       Hamilton Artist Inc., There and Here, Hamilton, ON

2015                       Chase Bray Studio, Red Gate Residency Open Studio, Beijing, CN

2015                       Art Square Gallery, Celebrar, Toronto, ON

2014                       McMaster Museum of Art, Chiasmata, Hamilton, ON

2014                       The New Space, TTM, Hamilton, ON (Solo Exhibition)

2014                       The New Space, Labyrinth, Hamilton, ON

2014                       The New Space, Naturally Connected, Hamilton, ON

2014                       The New Space, Chiasmata: Debut & Auction, Hamilton, ON

2013                       Artword Gallery, Precipice, Hamilton, ON

2013                       The New Space, Red Guise, Hamilton, ON (Solo Exhibition)

2012                       HAVN, Colour Your Passion, Hamilton, ON

2012                       The New Space, Impress Yourself, Hamilton, ON

2012                       McMaster Union Student Center, Veritas Maze, Hamilton, ON



2016                       FAC Residency, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON

2015                       Red Gate Residency, Beijing, CN



2015                       Capacity Building Initiative: Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

2014                       Museum Award, selected by the McMaster Museum of Art Curators



2016                       Artist Talk, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

2015                       Featured in The Artist Catalog, New York, NY

2014                       Featured in Fierce Magazine (Digital Publication), Hamilton, ON

2014                       Featured in The McMaster University Financial Report, Hamilton, ON

2013/14                  Featured in Incite Magazine, Hamilton, ON

2013                       Published in Open Your #&@%ing Eyes, Hamilton, ON

2010                       Featured in Worn Fashion Journal (Digital Publication), Toronto, ON