Commission Groundwork

Summer 2016



FAC Residency

Artscape Gibraltar Point | May 2016




Photo Credit: FAC and Jacqueline To

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FAC Toronto Blog

Artist Talk

There and Here: Identities in Diaspora in the Contemporary Moment

Hamilton Artist Inc.

Artist Talk

McMaster University

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Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton


There and Here

Nedda Baba, Diana Hosseini, and Nikkie To
Curated by Abedar Kamgari

Hamilton Artist Inc. | James Gallery
March 26 – May 14, 2016


There and Here investigates how emerging Canadian artists in diaspora are exploring, constructing, and challenging identity through their art practices. The women in this exhibition occupy precarious spaces between multiple cultures and use their unique positions to address heteronormative gender roles and representational politics specifically as they apply to women of colour. At a time when the global refugee crisis is a common topic of conversation, There and Here looks to these young artists to better understand the experiences of migrants in a country that prides itself on its multiculturalism. Baba contemplates the nostalgia and longing that incites immigrants’ desire to preserve cultural traditions outside of their homeland. Hosseini’s kinetic works comment on the flattening of culture that occurs through appropriation and generalization, forcing viewers to confront their biases and preconceptions. To’s paintings deal with the overwhelming feelings of alienation and loneliness that many immigrants face as they try to navigate often contradicting personal and sociocultural expectations. There and Herepresents three diverse voices on identity and immigration, hoping to start a dialogue on diasporic experiences of young first and second generation Canadian women of colour in Hamilton’s growing art scene.


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Red Gate Residency

August 2015

Top Left to Bottom Right: Nikkie To, Yuan, Xinru, Josie Martin, Mario Duyuchen, Bertram Haude, Edwin Easydorchik, Maud Craigie, Alia Pathan, Alex Silva (not in photo/taking picture)


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Red Gate: Artist-in-Residence


Thank you everyone who showed support during this campaign! I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

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 CCA Travel Grant

A very big thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts for offering me the Capacity Building Initiative: Travel Grant to support my artist residency at Red Gate Residency!

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Summer 2015


Other Lakes, Oil, 2015
Commissioned by Robert Morton

The Artist Catalogue

Summer 2015


Featured Artists: Allan Banford, Shenequa Brooks, Diane Englander, Genevieve Gaudreau, Kayle Karbowski, Nina Meledandri, Rehan Miskci, Ekterina Popova, Marie Ringwald, Melissa Robin, Nikki Soppelsa, and Nikkie To

Featured Writers: John Blue, Dillon Coulahan, Kelly Hams Pearson, and Lucas Wetzel

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The Artist Catalogue: Summer 2015 | Volume 4 Issue 2


Spring 2015


You Will Forget, Oil, 2015
Commissioned by Spencer Banfield


Studio Visit from Fierce Mag

Winter 2014


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Fierce Mag: Issue 2 | Studio Visit with Nikkie To

Museum Award

Spring 2014


Selected by the McMaster Museum of Art curators.


Winter 2014

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Team: Miguel Chavez, Olivia Rozema, Nikkie To, Livia Tsang



Summer 2013


Cindrel Mountains, Sibiu, Romania

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Image005_N5     Image008_N8

On the Beaches, Varna, Bulgaria

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Bar Rooftops and the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey